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The project of treatment and rehabilitation of wounded soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

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Bioregenerative technologies in the rehabilitation of the wounded

The treatment and rehabilitation of the wounded with severe consequences of combat shrapnel or bullet wounds of the limbs is a big problem. Often, after the initial surgical treatment, large defects of bones, tissue, and large defects of muscles and skin are formed in the wounded, and as a result, a pronounced impairment of the function of the injured limb develops. Treatment of such consequences is a complex and multi-stage process. Most often, the use of classical methods of treatment does not give results. In the best case, such treatment ends with severe impairment of the limb’s function and disability, and in the worst case, with amputation of the limb. Modern bioregenerative technologies allow you to avoid these problems and obtain the maximum possible functional result. There is no medical company in Ukraine that has the entire cycle of bioregenerative technologies. Therefore, seven Ukrainian organizations:

combined their capabilities within the project “Bioregenerative technologies in the rehabilitation of the wounded”

Each organization in this project performs its own function. The public organization “Unity and Help” and the “Pro Bone” Charitable Foundation are engaged in volunteer activities, in particular, they collect donations for the treatment of the wounded, who have serious consequences of injuries to the limbs.

In the “Healthy Bones” Restorative Orthopedics Center, a clinical examination of the injured is carried out, the severity of the consequences of limb injuries is assessed, the need for the use of bioregenerative technologies is determined, and staged surgical treatment is developed. Stages of surgical treatment are carried out in the “MedClinic” hospital, which has modern operating blocks, equipped with the necessary equipment for orthopedic operations and comfortable single and double wards.

The company “3D Smartprint” uses 3D printing from the special non-cytotoxic and biocompatible polymer “Trabeculoplast” to create a three-dimensional structure necessary for a particular wounded person, which acts as a cell carrier.

The medical company “Good Cells” isolates and cultivates the necessary amount of mesenchymal stem cells and cells of the periosteum of the injured person from the red bone marrow and bone fragment in its laboratory. These cells are then seeded onto a cell carrier to create a three-dimensional osteoprogenitor graft that is inserted into the bone defect and forms new bone in the area of ​​the bone defect.

The “East-Medservice” company provides the necessary metal structures and instruments of European quality for the treatment of wounded.


The coordinated work of all project participants makes it possible to organize high-quality highly specialized reconstructive and restorative surgical care using bioregenerative technologies and minimize the negative consequences of combat wounds to the limbs.

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