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Mykola Ilnytskyi’s second operational stage

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Good day, friends! 🏥🇺🇦✌️

Yesterday, the next operation was performed on the wounded hero Mykola Ilnytskyi!

In particular, the doctors dismantled the Ilizarov apparatus, eliminated the supinated position of the hand, fixed the distal fragment of the radius with the ulna with screws and immobilized the hand.

The operation was made possible thanks to benefactors, namely:
– to the caring people who responded to the posts on Facebook and our website;
– ATIS Pharma, which has already transferred UAH 40,000.

Thank you all so much for your help!

As I wrote earlier, we will write detailed reports and details after the victory.
Now let’s wish Mykola a speedy recovery from his injury!
Ahead of Mykola are new operations, fundraising for which is being conducted by the Pro Bone Charitable Foundation and Olga Kakaulina, who has been friends with the fighter for a long time and supports him in every way. For those who want to help – make any donations on the main page of our website.

Victory to all of us!
Let’s go to it side by side with our Heroes!

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